How To Build Links

How To Build Links To Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important skills that any Internet marketer can develop. After all, you want people to be able to find your website when they are performing a search of their favourite search engine. By learning how to do Search Engine Optimisation you increase your chances that they will find your website instead of one of your competitors. One of the ways to boost your ranking is through internal link building. It is important to be cautious because there is a lot of misinformation about how to go about it the right way.

When it comes to internal link building you need to make sure that you take consideration of link building examples and link building techniques such as: In-context linking, Site Navigation and Anchor Text.

1. In-context linking. These are the links that are found in within the main body of your website. Typically, these will be embedded directly in the words on your page, in context. In other words, as people are reading your site they may notice that they can click on the various words or phrases. To the visitor it seems quite seamless, but in reality you have planned it out to get the best results from the placement of your internal link building. What the visitor will be clicking on, in their mind, are relevant words and they will be seeking out additional information. But you are setting it up so that those words are the keywords you are trying to rank for, and they will go to where you want them to go.

2. Site Navigation. In its simplest terms most people think of site navigation is how they get from one page to another. So, they see a back arrow or a link to the homepage and it helps them move around your site. While that is true, and it is very important to have good navigation, we are more concerned with building links for SEO purposes. Search engines typically like to see at least some basic pages on every site; the homepage, contact information, a privacy statement, and other basic pages should all be linked to each other from every page on your site.

3. Anchor Text. This is the text that appears instead of the link where people will be going. For example, a visitor to your site may see the words “click here”, but what they are really clicking on is a link. Now, if you are trying to rank for the phrase “click here” then that’s fine, but chances are you’re trying to rank for a different keyword. So, never waste a link by using generic anchor text when doing internal link building. Let’s say you have a site on painting houses; you could have the phrase “click here to get a house painting quote”, but only the words “house painting quote” would have the link underneath them. The idea is that you’re trying to rank for the words house painting quote, so having those links will alert the search engines to pay more attention to that text.

These link building examples and link building techniques will hopefully help you understand how to increase links to your website.

How To Build Links To Your Blog

Link building is one of the many tasks you need to allot time to when you are marketing online. And what business is not marketing online nowadays? Link building refers to both incoming links and your internal linking structure. In this article I will provide you with some of the link building tips to get you started in the right direction. 

First of all, before you even put your link building strategy into place, you want to make sure you are offering top-notch quality content on your site. This is the foundation that holds it all together. Interesting and informative content will bring more links to your blog naturally, without you having to go out searching for them. 

Once you have a good amount of compelling content published on your blog, approach other bloggers with equal or more authority than your blog (you’ll have to find this out by using various tools). It’s better to do this when your blogs are relevant to each other and also when you have already been in contact with your potential link partner.

This is one of the best link building techniques: Write an article on another site that allows guests. Just make sure that you add content to blogs that are higher ranked than yours.

Holding blog contests is a very effective way to drive traffic to your blog and increase your quantity of incoming links. How do you do this? You can actually promote your blog contest on a variety of blog contest promotion sites. You can even entice contestants with extra entries if they write an article on their blog which links back to your article about the contest. 

Create other content that links to your blog or even create another blog that links to your blog. And the key to making the most of this other content is to comment on other people’s content. When you comment, make sure that you include the link back to your blog. It’s important to remember that your comments should be informative and interesting, not simply spamming others with your link.  

Build relationships. For good link building, you need to build good relationships. Joining forums is a great way to start building relationships with people and getting your blog noticed. Make sure you include your blog url in your profile and signature. 

Similarly, participating in social networking sites like Facebook and Pinterest is a great way to give your blog visibility and build relationships. A professional networking site like LinkedIn also allows you more relationship building opportunities whilst generating interest in your blog . You will most likely include the link to your blog in your profile areas of these networking sites.

Hopefully these link building examples and link building techniques will be useful for you, your blog and your business.

One very experienced Digital Marketing Professional is Neil Patel. You can get some more interesting information on link building by reading Neil’s blog post 

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