Five Mistakes Amazon Associate (Affiliate) Marketers Make

Five Mistakes Amazon Affiliate Marketers Make

The Amazon Associate (Affiliate) Program has a lot to offer marketers, but you still hear about those who don’t enjoy the success of revenue earnings worth talking about. Here we take a look at five mistakes Amazon affiliate marketers make that can drastically reduce your income.

1. Too many products – This is a common mistake beginners make. They market too many products. Yes, you need to build multiple streams of income through different products, but the trouble is you can spread yourself so thin that you cannot properly manage all the streams you are attempting to create and maintain, and that sets you up for failure. Choose your products carefully making sure they fit your niche.

2. Not testing – Nothing will break the trust of your visitors faster than being led to a product that is junk or doesn’t work in the way you claim it does or the manufacturer claims it does. Before you promote a product make sure you have either personally tested the product or done your research to see what others think of it.

3. Not tracking – It is important that you assign a unique tracking affiliate link on each page you promote a product so that you can later determine where the sale came from. By doing this you can determine which pages are nicely converting so that you can grow your business. It is easy to create a unique tracking ID with Amazon. Just log into your Amazon Affiliate dashboard, then click on ‘account settings’ (top right), then click on ‘manage tracking IDs.’ Now you can create a new tracking ID that will allow you to track the web page and/or campaign the item is sold from.

4. Not comparing – One of the best ways to convert visitors to buyers is by using the comparison technique. When buyers are ready to buy, they tend to narrow their options down to 2-3 choices. If you create a 3 Best (Insert Product) for (Insert Use) you are in a position to help your visitor finalize their decision. Comparison websites are profitable so keep this in mind.

5. Not helping – A big mistake marketers make is to spend their time trying to ‘sell’ rather than trying to ‘help’ their visitors. Avoid those annoying phrases like “BUY NOW,” or “BUY RIGHT NOW,” screaming at your visitor in capital lettering. Instead, take the time to help your visitor learn about the product(s). Why do you think Amazon products do so well – those reviews are extremely powerful? People respond much better to the helper sales person rather than the shark sales person.


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