Five Tips to Generating Passive Income As an Amazon Associate

Five Tips to Generating Passive Income As an Amazon Associate



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Amazon offers an endless array of products for consumers to buy. When you are a member of the Amazon Associate Program, you have the opportunity to earn income, and if you use these five tips, you will be able to earn income, so let us have a look.

1. Choosing a Niche is Key

The very first thing you have to do is decide what your niche will be. In fact, if you do not choose a niche it could lead to problems getting established as an amazon associate. This is by far the most important decision you will make. Once you decide on a niche, you can begin to move forward with your money-making agenda.

If you have a niche, it is a lot easier to make money through the Amazon affiliate program when the people that reach your website or blog are looking for a specific product that your website talks about and then of course also offers the product. When you offer a wide selection of products, it is a bit difficult because you do not have targeted traffic arriving at your website or blog. The result could be that your website or blog might not rank as well in the search engines.

2. Link to Products within your content

About 50% of income made on Amazon is made through text links placed within the content on the website page or blog. Simple text links have proven to be the most effective way to get visitors to click. Web surfers trust the content on web pages and blogs more than any other area of a site, and so they are much more likely to click these links than they are to click graphic links. Great articles and content is an important factor in getting targeted traffic to your website or blog and also another factor in getting ranked in search engines

3 Make your Product Images Clickable Links

Product images that click through to the affiliate link make up about 15% of total Amazon income, and this is relatively easy to do using HTML code.

4 Create Several Links to Amazon website

The more links you create to your affiliate product on the Amazon website the better. Every link inside your article or content is another opportunity to bring a potential customer to the product, and that is an opportunity for you to make a commission. 

5 Highest Conversion on Product Reviews

Product Reviews are very powerful if documented properly. If you do a high quality product review of the product in your niche, you will get a much higher click through rate and this means you can increase sales and therefore the amount of commission you earn. Experienced amazon affiliates purchase the product(s) in their niche, use them and the write reviews on their experience. Potential customer’s who want to make a purchase, actually do use product reviews to make a final decision n whether to purchase a product. Write quality reviews. 

These five great tips are a good place to start to generate earnings with Amazon Associate.

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